GigCalc first needs to know about your gig:
Where do you start from, and where's the gig?

NOTE: we aren't collecting any info to identify you.
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The address where the transport vehicle is garaged.

The address of the venue, club, theatre, etc.

Now use the sliders below to describe your gig:

Band Wages

Number of Band Members

Please, no more than 12 people playing in your band!

Equivalent Annual Wage
How much would each member expect as an ANNUAL salary if the entire band did this full time?

Setup & Performance Times

Setup/Breakdown Time
This calculator assumes it takes the same amount of time to breakdown your show as it does to set it up. If the times are different, use an average.

Performance Time
Include any breaks between sets.

Travel Costs

Number of Vehicles
Obviously, the fewer vehicles you use, the less expensive your fuel costs are. This can be significant if the venue is far from home.

Gas Mileage
If you use more than one vehicle, use an average mileage rate.

Price of Gas
Use AAA National Average


Other Fixed Costs

Soundman, light guy, equipment rental, etc.

Extra Mileage

Any extra trips (pick up musicians, equipment, etc.) that wouldn't be captured by google maps?


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