About gigcalc:

gehwokka - the creator of GigCalc - worked for many years as a professional musician. He hardly ever made any money at it. Although one could argue it was lack of talent that kept the money from his hands, he was always gigging and always working hard. It just didn't seem to pay very much.

Nowadays gehwokka describes himself as a musician with a day job and no gig. His eyesight is far from 20/20, but his hindsight is sharper than ever. If you don't know what your costs are, you will probably lose money. Step number one then - always understand your COSTS.

In his copious spare time gehwokka likes to play with development tools and frameworks. His two children are unimpressed with GigCalc, but gehwokka cannot wait until they are old enough to NEED IT.


I enjoy hearing from musicians about their gigs and how GigCalc might help! Please send email to:



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